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MHD - "Bodyguard" : New video out now!

With his first solo album, MHD won a double platinum album. It all began for him when he embarked on a series of AfroTrap Freestyle. Some AfroTrap later, he released an album finesse with a backdrop of interbreeding between Afro, American, and French cultures. MHD as Niska are two examples of what France's miscegenation can do best. The story we know it: MHD will be remixed by Diplo, it will go to the Coachella festival and Bet Awards and will be one of Puma ambassadors. MHD is now internationally renowned. While his last clip "Bodyguard" has just been released, we learn that his second project is ready.

"The album is ready, I will move it forward" (MHD / BODYGUARD)

Before being a MHD music video, Bodyguard was a movie starring Kevin Costner and Withney Houston. But here nothing to do, no way slow twisting year 90, MHD incorporates the basics of Afrotrap a prod conducted by Junior Alaprod and DSK ON THE BEAT. The clip made by one of the members of the 420 WorkShop to which we owe all the clips of Moha La Squale features a gang of children surrounding MHD. First big impression!

MHD has unveiled the release date of the album has been advanced to 19 September and a huge concert date at the Accor Hotel Bercy Arena March 29, 2019! Article to follow ...


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