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Paul Okoye aka "Rudeboy" kicks off his 2018 with the video for 'Nkenji Keke'

It’s been five months since the very public P-Square split, and we haven’t even heard whispers of a potential reconciliation. It looks like fans of the duo might have to actually accept their solo careers as the new normal.

While both of them have each released two singles since the breakup, Paul Okoye (aka Rudeboy) is definitely the one leading the charge in the quality department. Now, he has dropped a video for his standout solo track, "Nkenji Keke".

Produced by Lord Sky, the romantic "Nkenji Keke" is a song that will be sure to appease P-Square fans — if they give it a real chance. It sounds like a track that would have fit perfectly on the duo's acclaimed third studio album, Get Squared.

Alternating between Igbo and English on the track, Paul sings about the feeling of being swept up completely by an all-consuming love. He refers to his lover as his "everything", the "air that [he breathes]" and "all that [he needs]".

RUDEBOY is available upon request for concerts & private events.


Check out the video below:

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