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The Migos are rap superheroes. In barely two years and two albums, the Migos have achieved their tour de force. From now on, they complement and differentiate fully. They are so successful that many have established themselves as the Beatles of rap.

With their attitude, their style, and their cumulative talent, they managed together, with the blockbusters Culture 1 and 2 (each achieving more than a million sales in the United States in just a few weeks), to make Atlanta shine again on the map of global hip-hop. By boldly embracing their era, by signing effective hits, catchy and cut for streaming, not to mention their gimmicks that go into their heads never to come out of it again, they crossed the borders of rap until they made music. trap music, the new pop.

In their moment of grace, they have even become icons of pop culture. At the same time, their lifestyle and their music have established themselves as THE dominant culture. Today, a whole youth is shaking their heads at Migos bangers and they alone have given birth to a whole new generation of rappers.

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