Koffi Olomide was born on July 13, 1956, in Stanleyville, present-day Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Aminata Angelique Muyonge and Charles Agbepa. He grew up in the Lemba district of Kinshasa, until he moved with his family in 1973 to Lingwala.

Antoine lives in a popular district of Kinshasa. When he was young, he wanted to become a footballer, and he listened to Franco Luambo's Congolese rumba, Grand Kalle, Vicky Longomba and Tabu Ley Rochereau, an artist he would be inspired by all along his long career. Antoine learns, thanks to the help of a neighbor, to play the guitar. He is only 13 years old. But in the mid-1970s, he began to write lyrics and made himself known to Zairian circles who gave him the nickname of the most famous student of Zaire. At the age of 18, he obtained a scientific baccalaureate, and his father allowed him to continue his studies in France at the University of Bordeaux; in 1980, he graduated with a degree in commercial science with his theme of memory entitled "The marketing of the mineral wealth of Zaire, an asset for this one?". Between 1974 and 1975, he recorded his first single Onia, which has no success. Every school holiday, he returns to Kinshasa.


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