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If you are told Daddy Yankee, you obviously think of "Despacito", the interplanetary hit from 2017 that he signed with Luis Fonsi. But if it was this song that made the artist known in France, you should know that he was far from being his first attempt at the time of releasing the most streamed title of all time.

In the early 1990s, the young Daddy Yankee quickly found a place in the Puerto Rican musical landscape. The artist was then in the midst of a musical movement still unknown internationally and for which no name has yet been found, mixing Latin sounds, hip-hop and dance-hall. Already, in 1992, he appeared on the mixtapes of DJ Playero, initiator of the movement.

In 1994, it is the beginning of the consecration. Daddy Yankee is considered by the New York Times as the one who baptized this Puerto Rican music which is now sweeping the world: reggaeton. By the time his debut album, "No Mercy" was released in 1995, the artist was already crowned King of Reggaeton by the public and the press.

 From there, Daddy Yankee did nothing but string together international successes with no less than six studio albums between 2002 and 2012. If he is essential especially in the Hispanic world, those who had their ears strained in 2004 certainly remember "Gasolina", the first world hit by the artist who thus exploded reggaeton where it had not yet arrived.

The years go by and Daddy Yankee continues his ascent. Never absent from the Top 100 in Latin music, he racked up a number of awards and nominations until he was named CNN's Most Influential Hispanic Artist in 2009.

But it was in 2017 that Daddy Yankee played the biggest blow of his career with his sidekick Luis Fonsi. In just a few months, "Despacito" became the biggest hit of all time, reaching 5 billion streams in 2018. His title "Despacito" entered the Guinness Book of Records to salute his incredible success.

Something to see coming for the artist who does not intend to stop there. In January 2018, Daddy Yankee released "Dura", the title approached a billion streams.

Additionally, Daddy Yankee is recognized with an Icon Award at the Latin American Music Awards and the YouTube Creators Trophy for garnering over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube page.

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