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Toofan is a musical group founded in 2005 in Togo whose instrumental is about a new concept in West African music: the "cool-catché". The dance itself seems simple, but it is a mixture of neck movements accompanied by a presentation of the feet opposed to the logic imposed by the movements of the neck. This concept was the subject of a report by France 24 as summer music. More precisely, it is the C'est magik clip that has benefited from this. The group is also known for a new concept, the "gweta", appeared in 2013 and whose gesture aims to "dodge the jealous". The group is composed of Masta Just and Barabas. He composed the anthem of the African Cup of Nations football 20122 and 2015. These are childhood friends who grew up together: Master Just (Fatowou Kossivi) ambianceur group and Barabas said "The Magician" (Blaise Mensah) toaster and rapper of the group. Being three at the beginning of their career, they are today a duo, the third (Allone) having emigrated to Europe where he continues his musical career. The Toofan export their music beyond West Africa: in the 2010s they gave concerts in France, Germany and the United States of America, among others. In 2014 they made a tour in France.Toofan made a new title called téré téré.

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