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Back to the 90's: Secteur Ä!

SECTEUR Ä will be back on stage in 2018 for a historic tour!

Enjoying a prominent place in the pantheon of French rap, the come-back of artists from Val-d'Oise is highly anticipated since the dissolution of the group in the early 2000s. This announcement may recall the Olympia September 22 2014 which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Ministère A.M.E.R, but of which Doc Gyneco was the great absent. This time the project will bring together the biggest names in the SECTEUR Ä including Passi, Doc Gyneco, Stomy Bugsy, Neg 'Marrons, Singuila, Arsenik or Pit Baccardi.

No doubt the nostalgic of the time will move en masse while the youngest will have the chance to discover the titles that ignited walkmans of the late 90s.

More infos coming soon!

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