4Keus Gang is a group of 3 rappers (Leblack, Booska and Péké). Originally from La Courneuve, the group is formed in 2015 by 7 rappers Booska, Peké, Leblack (4Keus Gang) and Tiakola, Béné, Djeffi, HK (4Keus). They record a 1st freestyle "Y'a bourbier" followed by a 1st hit "Vois t'as vu" with more than a million views. It follows quickly two mixtapes "Vois t'as vu" and "Hors série 1" which is a hit with the tube "O'KCLH" more than 80 million views. After this first headline, the band splits into two, 4Keus Gang (Booska, Lebalck, Péké and HK) and 4Keus (Tiakola, Béné and Djeffi). In full recording of the Mixtape Hors Series 2, HK leaves 4Keus Gang for 4Keus ...

The first project of the 4Keus Gang since their separation is called "Hors série vol 2" or we find in particular the song "Le temps passe" which is single gold. Follow the album "L'histoire d'un gang" where we find rappers Ninho, Kalash Criminal and Kaaris.

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